Where Does Your Food Come From ?

First and foremost, it is our mission to source the absolute freshest, richest and ripest ingredients available to us to serve our clients year-round.

As our world flattens, international food supply networks are getting more intricate, giving us access to many foods and products that we wouldn’t have been able to obtain just a few years back. At Majestic Catering, we are constantly examining where our food comes from and how we can improve the way that we source it to get the greatest amount of fresh produce. We don’t just do this to get higher quality produce – but to fulfil our commitment and further reduce our ecological footprint by helping to bolster the supply chain.

Many of our vegetables and grains comes from farm-grown vendors & suppliers who we have begun to work closely with to monitor seasonal vegetable yields and trends. The poultry, fish and meats that we stock are some of the highest-quality available to us.